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London Chinese New Year Celebrations

We are pleased to announce that the London China Town Association have enlisted our services to manage Event Safety at the 2010 celebrations on Sunday 21st February to be held in Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and China Town.

The year of the Tiger will see another iconic cultural and community event attracting many thousands of people to the area highlighting the rich and colourful chinese culture.

The Sun Military Awards (The Millies)

AD Health & Safety were proud and honoured to manage the event safety at this year’s Military Awards hosted at the Imperial War Museum, London. The event organised by the Sun newspaper in collaboration with ITV recognises and celebrates the bravery of our service men and women. The event was attended by a host of celebrities and dignitaries notably Princes William and Harry.

Although all involved in the delivery of the event were highly competant contractors, as best practice ESC Events the production company brought us on board to manage the site safety. The build and derig had to be completed safely by numerous contributers within very tight schedules and allow for television rehearsals. Additional challenges were those presented by the presence of imovable exhibits (tanks and rockets etc), security search regime and numerous television cameras and associated infrastructure. The event was a huge success with the ceremony being broadcast on ITV on Monday 21st December.

Alexandra Burke performs in Peterhead

’Peterhead, where is Peterhead?’ was the question when the the phone rang for a gig which was the following week. Well actually it’s about an hour North of Aberdeen. The town had voted, and won, a national competition organised by Nokia for Alexandra Burke to perform. Peterhead does not have any entertainment venues so the search was on to find a suitable location which ticked all the boxes from a production and safety perspective with a recent stark reminder hanging in the background of what can happen at free events.

The Waterside Hotel Ballroom was chosen with the benefit of having Jurgen the most helpful hotel manager in the world. The limitations of the site (capacity, ceiling heights etc) coupled with safety concerns had to be balanced with the production requirements of Alexandra. Dick Tee the Production Manger had some excellant contacts North of the Border coupled with Scotlands own Specialized Security made the most of the limited planning time available. The end result was another well managed and safe event enabling voters to enjoy the VIP treatment at their own intimate concert. The hotel was turned into an island site and a secure coach service was used to transport people to and from the venue reducing the risk of large crowds outside.

Nokia Finnish Christmas Tour

AD Health & Safety were again asked to manage the event safety of another Nokia tour. The concept was to bring a taste of a Finnish Christmas to five different areas of the UK. The country was split into regions and towns and cities were asked to compete against each other to win the event.

After some fierce competition Worthing, Shoreditch, Norwich, Glasgow ands the Isle of Wight emerged as the winners. Within a very short space of time five different local authorities had to be convinced that the event was safe with the submission of five different document packages. This again highlighted the inconsistant approach of local authorities to events. The main challenges for the event were putting on an outdoor show in the winter with every type of weather presenting itself during the tour in particular wind and very very heavy rain…oh and reindeer! Due to the issues earlier on in the year with petting zoos and E.Coli 0157 there was significant concern over the infection of event attendees with the virus however this was over come by compromise and the implementation of pragmatic safety measures.

VIP Shopping Day Oxford Street

On Saturday 5th December 2009 Oxford Street and Regent Street were closed to traffic to create a pedestrianised shopping environment. Retailers and other brands took advantage of the road closures and participated by providing enteratinment/ experiential activities outside various stores. The New West End Company enlisted our services to vet the safety standards of participants prior to the event and be on site during the event to manage safety on site of the various different elements. Although event infrastructure was minimal there was a lot of it spread accross a very large footprint, combine this with the 1 hour build and derig period allocated by Westminster City Council, hundreds of thousands of shoppers and a giant T Rex arriving several hours late and the challenge begins! The day was a huge success for retailers and the New West End Company in addition to being a safe and well managed event.