Alexandra Burke performs in Peterhead

’Peterhead, where is Peterhead?’ was the question when the the phone rang for a gig which was the following week. Well actually it’s about an hour North of Aberdeen. The town had voted, and won, a national competition organised by Nokia for Alexandra Burke to perform. Peterhead does not have any entertainment venues so the search was on to find a suitable location which ticked all the boxes from a production and safety perspective with a recent stark reminder hanging in the background of what can happen at free events.

The Waterside Hotel Ballroom was chosen with the benefit of having Jurgen the most helpful hotel manager in the world. The limitations of the site (capacity, ceiling heights etc) coupled with safety concerns had to be balanced with the production requirements of Alexandra. Dick Tee the Production Manger had some excellant contacts North of the Border coupled with Scotlands own Specialized Security made the most of the limited planning time available. The end result was another well managed and safe event enabling voters to enjoy the VIP treatment at their own intimate concert. The hotel was turned into an island site and a secure coach service was used to transport people to and from the venue reducing the risk of large crowds outside.