Nokia Finnish Christmas Tour

AD Health & Safety were again asked to manage the event safety of another Nokia tour. The concept was to bring a taste of a Finnish Christmas to five different areas of the UK. The country was split into regions and towns and cities were asked to compete against each other to win the event.

After some fierce competition Worthing, Shoreditch, Norwich, Glasgow ands the Isle of Wight emerged as the winners. Within a very short space of time five different local authorities had to be convinced that the event was safe with the submission of five different document packages. This again highlighted the inconsistant approach of local authorities to events. The main challenges for the event were putting on an outdoor show in the winter with every type of weather presenting itself during the tour in particular wind and very very heavy rain…oh and reindeer! Due to the issues earlier on in the year with petting zoos and E.Coli 0157 there was significant concern over the infection of event attendees with the virus however this was over come by compromise and the implementation of pragmatic safety measures.