CASE STUDY: Nokia Lumia Launch (Millbank Tower)

To launch their new smart phone the Nokia Lumia 800 really wanted to push the boundaries with something bigger and better than ever before.

The creative team came up with the concept of turning an iconic building on the London skyline into a projector screen upon which to play a specially produced  4D show. To add to the challenge, it was to form part of live DJ sets on a rooftop stage headlined by Deadmau5 playing to a live audience.

Millbank Tower, which overlooks the Thames, was chosen to be the screen and site for the stage. This involved vinyling in excess of 800 windows from the outside in white vinyl and constructing a stage on a third floor roof braving the November wind and rain.

AD Health & Safety had to work closely with the creative team, production team and five statutory authorities including the Port of London Authority and Civil Aviation Authority to ensure the event was delivered safely – not just for the public but also river and air traffic and without significant disruption to London.

The technical and projection equipment was housed 300m away in a derelict building which had to be made safe before the installation of 16 giant projectors.

The end result was an amazing 4D projection show to a specially mixed arrangement from Deadmau5 played to an audience of 15,000 people on both sides of the river.

‘I have worked directly with AD Health & Safety since it began. I could not recommend them highly enough. Matt is one of our most trusted consultants and I would not run an event without his advice. They are on the ball, problem solvers and truly have your best interests at the forefront of their recommendations. Their knowledge and experience in this sector is first class. We work closely with both Matt and his team and I would not hesitate in giving them my full endorsement.’

Nicola Stephenson MD Mission Media