Health and Safety Consultancy
AD Health & Safety offers a fully comprehensive safety package tailored to all aspects of your event. We are able to provide all services offered or individual elements as required.  We are also able to offer occupational Health and Safety Services usually associated with business premises or work activity.
Risk Assessments
We will ensure all foreseeable risks associated with your event are thoroughly and comprehensively assessed and documented. We will find practical risk reduction solutions to ensure all aspects of your event can be realised.  All documents are presented in a format which is user friendly with areas of attention highlighted for prioritisation with realistic control measures. We are also able to review and comment on documentation provided by contractors involved in your event.
Event Safety Planning
We actively involve ourselves from the concept stages of event planning right through to the realisation of the event. Throughout the planning process we draft and update comprehensive safety plans which are to the satisfaction of the client and the emergency services. Our early involvement in the event planning will ensure that all safety measures are realistic and achievable. 
Event Safety Officers
24 hour onsite cover is available or to suit your requirements. We can supply competent experienced staff who can assist you with the management of safety on your site throughout the build, event and breakdown. This includes monitoring the systems of work employed by contractors and compliance to the site safety rules to safeguard the safety of everyone on site. We will also update and undertake dynamic risk assessments on site should the more unforeseen occur. We have had extensive experience in real time emergency planning and have close links to the emergency services and statutory authorities.
Event Operations, Management and Control
Effective management and control of any event is pivotal. We are able to provide professional and highly experienced staff to work within an event control or event liaison team. We are also able to advise on communications plans, policies and protocols which will ensure the safe and smooth running of your event and integration of contractors working on site.
Policing Cost Analysis and Reduction
Special Services of Police at events is a constantly evolving and complicated subject. If you are unhappy with the charges you are paying for the policing of your event we are able to make an independent assessment on your behalf and assist in any resulting negotiations. To date we have a 100% cost reduction rate.
Traffic Management Planning
Our associates in this field are probably the most competent and experienced within the UK managing the majority of London’s iconic events. This service covers all stages from the planning, arrangement of the infrastructure and the provision of staff to manage and maintain the plan.
Emergency Services/ Local Authority Liaison
We are able to work on your behalf in partnership with the agencies interested in your event ensuring that they have all the required information to influence their own planning in support of the event.
Table Top Exercises
From time to time or for a new event it’s always useful to test your plans and procedures. We are able to facilitate exercises for you and other stakeholders simulating all types of incidents which an event might reasonably face.
Structured Debrief Facilitation
Once your event is over we can facilitate a debrief within a controlled environment for all interested parties involved with your event. We will ensure that a constructive focus is placed upon this exercise so that the findings will positively influence the planning of future events.
Safety Advisory Group Event Presentation
Statutory authorities are obliged to scrutinise the planning and proposals for any event. We are able to accompany or represent you at any such meetings, ensuring that you fully understand any issues raised and make representations on your behalf as required.
Barrier and Safety Infrastructure Planning
Consideration should be given to the type of barriers required to manage your event, where they are positioned and the supporting safety rationale. We are able to provide assistance with all aspect of the planning and on site management of barrier crews to ensure that safety objectives are met and inconvenience to traffic and local communities is kept to a minimum.
Security/ Stewarding Co-ordination
We are able to assist you in appointing an approved and competent stewarding company, through development of the stewarding plan and a ‘level playing field’ tender procedure. Security and stewarding staff will be at the front line of your event dealing with members of the public and they will be your ambassadors. It is highly important that the correct stewarding plan is in place and a positive impression is created for everyone attending your event.  During an event we are able to quality assure the service being delivered on your behalf.
Audience Management Planning
Depending on the type of event you are organising, will influence the audience profile of those attending, whether it be young people queuing for hours outside the gates or those turning up with picnics in hand will all bear an influence on how you design your site and manage the audience. We are able to assess and recommend practical infrastructure solutions and staffing required and more importantly advise on the most suitable methods for arrival, dispersal and during the event.
Health and Safety Training
We are able to provide training packages to suit the needs of your business, induction, role specific or general H&S training. AD Health & Safety are committed to the professional development of others and run a program of courses on a low cost or not for profit basis.